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Moving Forward Psychological Institute, LLC (MFPI) is committed to providing excellent, comprehensive, and practice-and-evidence-based training.   Everything we do and services we provide are purposeful and focused towards preventing crises and saving lives which will reduce the cost incurred from post-crises expenses.   We have and will continue to develop and utilize the best tools and resources possible to produce the best possible outcomes.  Our training program and delivery approach is unique and innovative. 

MFPI believes  the best learning takes place when the mind and person is active and engaged.   We have designed and will continue to develop innovative vehicles to enhance the delivery system of knowledge, skills and attitudes. 

Training & Conference



  • Comprehensive assessment of organization and/or programs's needs

  • Alliance with Human Resources and similar departments of the Employer to integrate safety curriculum like Workplace Violence Prevention, Dealing with Active Shooters and other crucial training.

  • Verbal De-escalation

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • Critical Stress Incident Debriefing

  • How to T.A.C.K.L.E the homeless issues around your facility or business

Enhancing Mental Wellness


  • Psychological Evaluation

  • Individual, Family, Couple, Group Therapy

  • Personal and/or Professional Coaching

  • Work Morale & Productivity Enhancement

  • Rejuvenation Team Builidng Retreat



  • Ongoing monitoring and oversight systems, tools and techniques for early prevention and intervention

  • Increased confidence and readiness to respond in cases of emergency 

  • Individual & organization learned potential life saving skills

  • Reduces cost from crisis prevention

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