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We are a result focused organization developed to address the current and increasing mental health crisis in the workplace, schools, homes and communities.


The majority of man-made disasters and disruptive crisis are preventable.
We at Moving Forward Psychological Institute (MFPI), passionately strive to help prevent small crises from escalating into organizational disasters.

We are a valuable resource to US companies, academia and community organizations by proactively providing education, intervention techniques and crisis deterrence strategies that affect workplace safety, personnel security, employee well-being, and business productivity.


Moving Forward integrates with businesses and organizations to simply do 3 things:
1) Educate through consultative training and assess where companies need to strengthen preparedness.
2) Assist develops monitoring and oversight systems, tools and techniques for early prevention and intervention.
3) Provide support when crisis occur, with counseling and other post-traumatic services.

Paul Hoang, LCSW
Clinician, Trainer, Consultant

Paul has been actively working in the field of mental health, spirituality, community building & organizing and resource development/ enhancement for over 15 years.  For the past 8 years Paul has specialized in Emergency Mental Health, Disaster Response Services and training professionals and non-professionals in Crisis Prevention and Intervention.  


Paul's wholistic, mindfulness and solution-focused approach, in additional to his experiences and clinical skills, make him effective in mobilizing and increasing collaboration among stakeholders, community partners, law enforcement and government agencies, and leaders to identify and address areas for growth & enhancement.


Since 2009 Paul has developed the clinical curriculum and serve as the clinical instructor for a local County's LPS 5150 Designation Certificate Course.  Paul has trained over 1000 of mental health and law enforcement professionals, community members and leaders.  

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